:::Modern Pentathlon:::

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Rare jazz from the Polish scene of the 70s, one of the unsung hotbeds of modern rock jazz in the 20th Century. One of the most influential jazz-rock albums ever made behind the Iron Curtain. In spirit of Weather Report...just better.

The Cracow Laboratorium (laboratory) has become one of Poland’s most popular jazz bands. It came to this position by winning prizes at major Polish competitions in this field (at Wroclaw, Lublin), and by dispelling our fascination with leading names which for years had been synonymous in our minds with Polish Jazz.
Laboratorium was formed in 1970. From the very beginning its pivot constituted three musicians: Janusz Grzywacz, Marek Stryszowski and Mieczyslaw Gorka. The sum of their individual qualities determined the distinct separateness of “Laboratorium” and contributed to the formation of its style.
Janusz Grzywacz, the bands leader and pianist, is the strongest individuality among colleagues. His approach is very intellectual, apparent in the concentrated, sparing playing, seemingly without virtuosity, and above all in his compositions which, while being quite extended, are also very well-balanced in full clarity.
Mieczyslaw Gorka, a new face” becoming more and more conspicuous among our leading percussionists, is a dedicated musician, highly stung, endowed with great imagination. The sound of his instruments in never monotonous, he does no reduce it to rhythmic beat. To him percussion is an equal partner, ever-present and inspiring
Marek Stryszowski takes a special place in the band. He plays the alto saxophone and bass clarinet, but, above all, he sings. And he does it in a way that is phenomenal not only in Polish Jazz. Moving with amazing freedom through several registers Stryszowski is the band’s most accomplished improviser. He produces with his voice the sounds of instruments and achieves effects that have been linked by some to those of electronic equipment.
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Laboratorium - Modern Pentathlon (1976)

1. Pięciobój nowoczesny (20:00)
2. Funky dla Franki (4:46)
3. Szalony baca (6:00)
4. ABZ (4:58)
5. Grzymaszka (2:24)

- Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland 2000 synthesiser
- Marek Stryszowski / vocal, alto sax, bass clarinet
- Paweł Ścierański / guitars
- Krzysztof Ścierański / bass guitar
- Mieczysław Górka / drums