:::Between Nothingness & Eternity:::

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The first Mahavishnu Orchestra's original very slim catalog was padded out somewhat by this live album (recorded in New York's Central Park) on which the five jazz/rock virtuosos can be heard stretching out at greater length than in the studio. There are only three selections on the disc, all of which were to have been on the group's then-unissued third album -- two of them, guitarist John McLaughlin's "Trilogy: Sunlit Path/La Merede la Mer" and keyboardist Jan Hammer's "Sister Andrea," are proportioned roughly as they were in their studio renditions, while the third, McLaughlin's "Dream," is stretched to nearly double its 11-minute studio length. Each develops organically through a number of sections, and there are fewer lockstep unison passages than on the earlier recordings. McLaughlin is as flashy and noisy as ever on double-necked electric guitar, and Hammer and violinist Jerry Goodman are a match for him in the speed department, with drummer Billy Cobham displaying a compelling, raw power and dexterity to his work as well, especially on the CD edition, which also gives bassist Rich Laird a showcase for his slightly subtler work. Yet for all of the superb playing, one really doesn't hear much music on this album; electricity and competitive empathy are clearly not enough, particularly on the 21-minute "Dream," which left a lot of fans feeling let down at the end of its side-two-filling run on the LP. In the decades since this album was released, the studio versions of these three pieces, along with other tracks being worked up for their third album, have appeared as The Lost Trident Sessions -- dating from May and June of 1973 -- thus giving fans a means of comparing this repertory to what the band had worked out (or not worked out) in the studio; and Between Nothingness and Eternity has come up a bit in estimation as a result, benefiting as it does from the spontaneity and energy of a live performance, though even that can only carry this work so far -- beyond the personality conflicts that broke up the band, they seem to have been approaching, though not quite reaching, a musical dead end as well.
:::By Richard S. Ginnell & Bruce Eder:::

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness & Eternity (1973)

1. Trilogy (The Sunlit Path / La Mere De La Mer / Tomorrow's Story Not The Same) (12:01)
2. Sister Andrea (8:22)
3. Dream (21:24)

Bass - Rick Laird
Drums - Billy Cobham
Guitar - John McLaughlin
Piano & Moog - Jan Hammer
Producer - Murray Krugman
Violin - Jerry Goodman

Recorded in august of 1973, in Central Park by location. Sound by Dawson. Engineered by Tim Geelan.
Produced by Murray Krugman and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin.
All compositions by John McLaughlin, except "Sister Andrea" by Jan Hammer.

:::Blue Matter:::

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One of the top jazz guitarists from the mid-1980s on, John Scofield has always had a very recognizable sound and the ability to combine together R&B/funk with advanced jazz. He is the lead voice throughout most of this release, performing eight of his originals with a group also including keyboardist Mitchel Forman, electric bassist Gary Grainger, drummer Dennis Chambers, percussionist Don Alias and (on three of the numbers) Hiram Bullock on rhythm guitar. Although not for jazz purists, who should get his slightly later Blue Note releases instead, this set should interest guitar freaks.

:::By Scott Yanow:::

John Scofield – Blue Matter (1987)

1. Blue Matter (5:47)
2. Trim (7:33)
3. Heaven Hill (4:28)
4. So You Say (4:34)
5. Now She's Blonde (5:32)
6. Make Me (2:53)
7. The Nag (4:18)
8. Time Marches On (7:32)

Bass - Gary Grainger (2)
Drums - Dennis Chambers
Guitar - Hiram Bullock (tracks: 1, 6, 7) , John Scofield
Keyboards - Mitchell Forman
Mastered By - Bob Ludwig
Mixed By - Joe Ferla
Percussion - Don Alias
Producer - Steve Swallow
Recorded By - Joe Ferla

All Compositions Written By John Scofield
Published By Scoway Music BMI In North
America (Gramavision Music BMI Outside USA)
Recorded At Media Sound, NYC September 1986
Mixed At Gramavision Studio
Mastered At Masterdisk, NYC December 1986
Cover Art: Ivan Chermayeff