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Machine Gun was an improvising band formed in New York City in 1986. Its members were: Robert Musso: guitars, Thomas Chapin: reeds and flute, John Richey: vocals, cut-ups, tapes, TV, Bil Bryant: drums, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells: basses. Karl Berger is featured on melodica on their eponymous first release.
The band name came from the landmark Peter Brötzmann 1968 album release "Machine Gun", an octet recording often listed among the most notable free jazz albums. One critic has written "Machine Gun" offers "a heavy-impact sonic assault so aggressive it still knocks listeners back on their heels decades later." This style significantly influence this band.
Sonny Sharrock frequently performed with the band and appears on the first release, as well as the second, Open Fire.
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Machine Gun - Open Fire (1989)

1. In The Beginning 5:24
2. A Sultan's Last Stand 4:26
3. Pentagon 6:15
4. Get The Gun 3:56
5. See Africa 5:10
6. Brass Tactics 6:55
7. Recreation 2:14
8. Arsenal Tech High 7:01
9. Mommie Sir 7:03
10. Obsession + Oblivion 5:11
11. Take No Prisoners 3:32
12. Muffy Fails French 5:14
13. Road Worthy 9:16
14. Chillin 1:19

Bass – Jair-Rohm Parker Wells
Drums – Bil Bryant
Featuring [Special Guest] – Sonny Sharrock
Guitar, Bass – Robert Musso
Saxophone, Flute – Thomas Chapin
Tape, Vocals – John Richey

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  1. il angelo says:

    never heard of this one, zanx

  1. B.D. says:

    Thank you for this one. I have a couple of their releases and enjoy them a great deal.

  1. Anonymous says:

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  1. I was actually at the live taping of part of this album. They used to tape all their live gigs with a modified video tape system (years before ADAT), and they played a live on-air broadcast at my college radio station and recorded the entire set, some of which made it onto the LP.

    R.I.P. Thomas "Rage" Chapin

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