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This is one of those special projects that doesn’t happen often, when a few marvelous players get together to do a truly liberated collection of music. The Johansson Brothers (Sweden) have been making great heavy prog for years with many top people and this is one of the best documents of that run, putting Jens (keys), Anders (drums) and master axeman Allan Holdsworth in the same room to weave some spankin’ progressive jams. This mercurial combination makes Heavy Machinery one of the hottest and hippest instrumental CDs around.
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Anders Johansson, Jens Johansson & Allan Holdsworth - Heavy Machinery (1996)

1. Joint Ventures 5:48
2. Beef Cherokee 4:02
3. On the Frozen Lake 4:52
4. Mission: Possible 5:15
5. Good Morning, Mr. Coffee 7:25
6. Siouxp of the Day 4:02
7. On the Fritz 5:24
8. Tea for One and a Half 6:22
9. Never Mind Our Weather 5:54
10. Macrowaves 24:55

Allan Holdsworth – Guitar
Anders Johansson – Drums
Jens Johansson - Keyboards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stellar line-up - am I right in thinking these are the same Johanssons that are in Strativarious?
    I think I've heard this once before - a fusion classic as I recall.
    Many thanks.
    Blog on.

  1. psychedelic_head says:

    This is a great album! Thanks for turning me on to this.