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Stanko's first recording for the ECM label; it would be twenty years until the next! "First Song" is characterized by a meter that constantly, subtly shifts.
Holland and Vesala blaze as the anchors, but this essentially themeless music is held together by an audible structure that allows Stanko and Szukalski infinite freedom yet never devolves into mere blowing. This track is a wonderful example of how Stanko makes sense by allusion yet sounds free. "Balladyna" starts out as what sounds like a folk melody and mutates in a freeform exploration of pure sound and rhythm. Marvelous!
:::Review by Budd Kopman:::

Tomasz Stańko - Balladyna (1976)

1. First Song (7:38)
2. Tale (3:28)
3. Num (7:11)
4. Duet (2:55)
5. Balladyna (7:59)
6. Last Song (6:02)
7. Nenaliina (5:29)

Bass - Dave Holland
Drums - Edward Vesala
Producer - Manfred Eicher
Tenor And Soprano Saxophone - Tomasz Szukalski
Trumpet - Tomasz Stańko

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    Tomasz Stanko - Balladyna (1976)

    Try it and if you like it, please buy CD!

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    Hi jazzlover! Just discovered your blog today and wanted to say thanks! You've got a lot of excellent music up here.

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    Obrigado pelo Post.
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