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I love this kind of music where they just seem to jam endlessly.In December 1971 as well as in March and September of 1972, EMBRYO did three studio sessions with their engineer Dieter Dierks,recording enough material for two albums.In the end the record company refused to release the recordings.Christian Burchard immediately decided to sell the rights to both works to the "Brain" label.These two albums became "Steig Aus" and "Rocksession" and were both released in 1973.There are two different bass players listed on this album because 2 of the 3 songs were recorded in December of 1971 with Jorg Evans on bass,but he left the band shortly afterwards so the third song recorded 3 months later had Dave King on bass.Interesting that on the album cover we find the words "Featuring Jimmy Jackson".Interesting because he was with the band originally in 1969 leaving before they released their first record "Opal".He came back for the "Rache" album and this one.He also played on TANGERINE DREAM's debut "Electronic Meditation" as well on AMON DUUL II's "Tanz Der Lemminge" and "Wolf City".He's all over this album with mellotron and organ. "Radio Marrakesch/Orient Express" opens with an actual recording the band had made when travelling through Morocco of a sample from "Radio Marrakesch" of someone chanting.Then we hear the sound of the saz.The tempo starts to pick up as percussion and drums arrive.We then get some mellotron after 2 minutes as a full sound comes in including some dirty organ and then guitar after 3 minutes.The organ and bass become prominant a minute later.They're just jamming at this point and it sounds great.Guitar starts to rip it up 6 minutes in. "Dreaming Girls" is dark to open with bass,vibes,drums and then violin after a minute.Very atmospheric early.Piano comes in replacing the violin 5 1/2 minutes in.The song ends much like it began with a dark atmosphere. "Call" is the side long 17 1/2 minute track to end it.It opens with a catchy beat as organ comes and goes.Violin after 1 1/2 minutes.A collage of sounds a minute later.Nice.Some great bass as they jam away.Love the sound 4 minutes in as Jackson goes crazy.Drums and percussion dominate after 9 minutes.Organ and violin are back 10 1/2 minutes in. Just a joy to listen to these jazz flavoured improvs that these amazing players create.
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Embryo - Steig Aus (1972)

1. Radio Marrakesch/Orient-Express (9:53)
2. Dreaming Girls (10:26)
3. Call (17:22)
- a. Call (part 1)
- b. Organ Walk
- c. Marimba Village
- d. Clouds
- e. Call (part 2)

- Roman Bunka / guitar
- Christian Burchard / drums, marimba, vibes
- Jörg Evers / bass
- Edgar Hoffmann / violin
- Jimmy Jackson / Mellotron, organ
- Dave King / bass
- Mal Waldron / electric piano

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