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A recent thread discussed the obsession with "band X sounds like band Y" and since then I've been trying to think who Deus Ex Machina sound like. Think of a heavier Gentle Giant mixed with jazz-fusion and Echolyn, with Italian and Latin vocals and you being to approach the sound of this band.They are all masters of their art, from the strong, operatic vocals of Alberto Piras to the tight drumming of Claudio Trotta and the instrumental work on this album is excellent throughout. The production is clear and well- balanced, which brings out the power of this band.
The first song "Convolutus" (Wound) gets us off to a relatively low-key start, then things start to pick up with a hint of funk in "Rhinoceros", featuring some nice keyboards from Fabrizio Puglisi. "Uomo Del Futuro Passato" (The Man of the Past Future) is possibly the best track, finishing as it does with a wonderful jazzy electronic piano solo, under which the rhythm section subtly picks up the beat and heads us off towards the climax.
"One Day The Sun Asked the Earth" takes things down a bit, consisting of just vocals and acoustic guitar. "Luce" is another gentler track, this time instrumental, with acoustic and bass guitars and violin. The final track starts off with violin and vocals, then there is a gap before we get to the "hidden track" - snippets of rehearsal music and studio chatter.
Those of you who have dismissed jazz- fusion as people noodling around on trumpets should hear this album and marvel at the instrumental work, which is as perfect a blend of rock and jazz as anyone could wish for. It's always varying and interesting and is underpinned by one of the best rhythm sections around.
As I mentioned the lyrics are in either Italian or Latin but the sleeve helpfully translates the Latin tracks into Italian and the Italian lyrics are also translated into English. One of the best albums I've heard since discovering PA and a good entrance to the world of jazz-fusion. It's one of those albums you can listen to many times and still find something new to enjoy in it. Highly recommended.
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Deus Ex Machina – Cinque (2002)

1. Convolutus (7:18)
2. Rhinoceros (Afropuglise) (8:19)
3. Uomo del Futuro Passato (Roccaccione..... (8:42)
4. Olim Sol Rogavit Terram I (Maurino Piras) (5:04)
5. Il Pensiero Che Porta Alle Cose Importanti (7:28)
6. Luce (Pensando a Claudia) (6:19)
7. De Ordinis Ratione (Nuovo) (6:55)
8. Olim Sol Rogavit Terram II (Cadaverone..... (20:22)

- Claudio Trotta / drums
- Alessandro Porre Porreca / bass
- Maurino Collina / guitar
- Alessandro Bonetti / violin
- Luigi Riccia Ricciardiello / keyboards
- Alberto Piras / vocals

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    Think of a heavier Gentle Giant mixed with jazz-fusion and Echolyn

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    hi thanks for the music its appreciated