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Nils Peter Molvaer debut album is one of the greatest nu.jazz album I ever heard! Started with classic ECM/Norwegian jazz cold acoustic sound, Nils came to synthesis of ambient, electronics, very light world element with jazzy trumpet, guitars and excellent cool atmosphere. When listened to this album, I remembered possibly greatest Chick Corea work - "Return To Forever" LP. Different time, different place, different emotional level - but both these albums are very connected. They both are great products of it's time. Even more strange that Nils debut was released on ECM, his sound there is far from their standard!
Distorted guitars and trumpet, sounding almost in cool jazz traditions, built tension and romance at the same time. There I believe, that Nils often mentioned between greatest jazz figures of late 90-s.
If you're new for nu.jazz - start here. If you 're searching on new sound in jazz-fusion - try this! Very recommended!
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Nils Petter Molvaer - Khmer (1997)

1. Khmer
2. Tion
3. Access / Song Of Sand I
4. On Stream
5. Platonic Years
6. Phum
7. Song of Sand II
8. Exit

-Nils Petter Molvaer/ trumpet, guitar, bass, percussion, samples
-Eivind Aarset/ talk box, guitar, sound treatment
-Roger Ludvilgsen/ guitar, dulcimer, percussion
-Morten Molster/guitar
-Rune Arnesen/ drums
-Ulf W.O. Holand/samples
-Reider Skar/ sound treatment)

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