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The Polish-born, Chicago-based duo of Kuba Suchar and Artur Majewski known as Mikrokolektyw (Microcollective) is sprung from several discernible sources, including Don Cherry, Max Roach, and Edgard Varese. Their mix of earthy experimental jazz and updated sine wave sounds derived from PCs stems from their collective experiences in modern music, an offspring of various Chi-Town-based ensembles led by Rob Mazurek. The result is an ever-evolving mix of funk beats, heady space sounds, and worldly trumpet melodies. In strange and wonderful created dialects, Suchar and Majewski weave through electrified flora, fauna, nebulae, and root strata themes from the projects, backstreets, Africa, Saturn, and Mars. You hear kamikaze-strafing aircraft sounds in the busy percussion à la Roach during "Tiring Holiday," deep bass for "Casio," and minimalism meeting R&B for the brief "Almost a Good Mood" that might fit into a dancehall. The balance, symmetry, and evenhandedness of Majewski's trumpet and Suchar's deft drumming suggest acute listening skills rather than virtuoso musicianship. Whether in a 2-step parody of jazz, sweeping vistas of galaxy clusters, or rock on steroids, the music by these two is continually interesting, intriguing, and never fluffed-up filler. Though their name might seem to be derived from a Bizarro World text, Mikrokolektyw are far from cartoonish, very serious about their playful and individualistic art music.
:::Review by Michael G. Nastos :::

Mikrokolektyw - Revisit (2010)

1. Revisit 5:34
2. Rocket Street 2:52
3. Running Without Effort 5:45
4. Tiring Holiday 5:40
5. Almost a Good Mood 2:06
6. Attention! 2:13
7. Lupiko 5:08
8. Casio 4:56
9. Tar Man 4:14
10. Watermelon From the 80s 2:16
11. Gift 1:35

Jakub Suchar: drums
Artur Majewski: trumpet

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  1. E-mile says:

    JL, i already know this one, it's indeed a great album, people should give it a try!
    peace, E-mile

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