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Posted: Saturday, 30 July 2011 by jazzlover in Etykiety:

A rather rare item which combines the best of "pastoral" peaceful meditative music and spacey / psych instrumentation. The two multi-instrumentalists have composed one long tune, divided into two leading themes punctuated by numerous variations. The central theme comes to the light directly at the beginning of the album after a brief introduction of atmospheric / electronic noises: a dreamy, repetitive guitar part is progressively accompanied by acoustic percussions and relaxed flute solos. We go back to these wonderful and lovely harmonies in the last part of the album. Part2 & 3 starts with the same introspect theme. Part 2 first puts the stress on flute enchanting lines then finally progresses into a quick jazzy "trip" dominated by electronic organ parts. The third section is a convincing exploration throw space rock with "trippy" electric guitar passages & possessed flute sequences. In a few words, an inventive, beautiful "immersive" album which can naturally reach the most contemplative of us in a higher state of consciousness. A little masterpiece!
:::Review by philippe:::

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass (1974)

1. A Meditation Mass Part 1 (17:45)
2. A Meditation Mass Part 2 (3:13)
3. A Meditation Mass Part 3 (12:00)
4. A Meditation Mass Part 4 (7:16)

- Rolf Fichter / Moog synthesizer, Indian flute, vibes, electric piano, electric guitar, vocals
- Klaus Fichter / drums, percussion
- Matthias Nicolai / electric 12-string guitar, bass
- Peter Elbracht / Flute

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  1. psegpp says:

    Once again, never heard of. But really convincive. Thanks a lot to have given me the opportunity to discover. Smells and looks like a lot of psychedelic stuff from that period. But at the same time, very personal and imaginative (the way Rolf Fichter uses and plays indian flute is extremely rare).