:::On Vacation:::

Posted: Wednesday, 11 July 2012 by jazzlover in

Hi Folks!

This series has worn me out, however I hope you enjoyed being trapped into Zeuhl den.
I am going on vacation both to recover a little and rest from blogging for awhile.
Thanks for your comments and visiting.
Have a good one too.

Stay tuned!

5 komentarze:

  1. aceofspace says:

    hi friend,
    Good vacancy ,and thanx for all your job...i hope to read you, soon...

  1. Many thanks jazzlover, have a fantastic break and hope to have you soon...fully refreshed.

  1. bobbysu says:

    Have a nice vacation

  1. Dr Dopo says:

    Only a great and generous man blogs to the point of weariness! Thanks for all of the incredible music, it really blows my #%@$ing mind how much you put out there for all of us to listen to, especially considering how much of it is really really good music I'd have possibly never have heard any other way. Enjoy your vacation jazzlover and thanks for everything

  1. gracias y disfruta! enjoy ! ; )