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This is a great starting place for anyone wanting to Experience Holdsworth. Eddie Van Halen secured a record deal with Warner Brothers for Allan. After spending nearly twenty years in the WB vaults, Road Games finally made it to CD. This disc features some awesome bass work from Jeff Berlin, "Water on the Brain" sizzles. Jack Bruce, Cream, guests on two tracks. Chad Wackerman, former Zappa drummer, turns in a stellar performance. The star of this show, however, is Allan's pyrotechic guitar work. "Tokyo Dream" and "Three Sheets to the Wind" are firestorms of blazing fretboard magic, twists, dips, chills and pure excitement. An amazing statement from one amazing guitarist.

:::By Dan Bobrowski:::

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games (1983)

1. Three sheets to the wind (4:12)
2. Road games (4:07)
3. Water on the brain - Pt. II (2:43)
4. Tokyo dream (4:01)
5. Was there? (4:04)
6. Material real (4:40)

- Jeff Berlin / bass
- Jack Bruce / vocals
- Allan Holdsworth / guitar
- Paul Korda / backing vocals
- Joe Turano / backing vocals
- Chad Wackerman / drums
- Paul Williams / lead vocals, backing vocals

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