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Shibusashirazu Orchestra, which is at the forefront of contemporary jazz, was formed by bassist Daisuke Fuwa in 1989 as a free jazz orchestra.
The orchestra is, so to speak, a multimedia jazz performance group consisting of over twenty musicians, including many well known Japanese performers such as Hiroaki Katayama (ts) and Takeshi Shibuya (p), as well as Butoh dancers,modern dancers, theater actors, and artists.
All of the works played by Shibusashirazu Orchestra are Japanese jazz works composed or arranged by Daisuke Fuwa. The orchestra gives exciting stage performances, with its dynamic sound and lively dancing and acting.
Large moving objects made by stage artists make the audiences even more enthusiastic.
It can be said that Shibusashirazu Orchestra is not only a jazz orchestra but alsoa group that brings together various aspects of contemporary Japanese culture.
Some of its performances show the course of Japanese music from the Middle Ages to the present, as the group includes musicians playing traditional Japanese instruments such as shamisen, shakuhachi, and ryuteki (a bamboo flute).
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Shibusashirazu Orchestra - Lost Direction (2005)

1. Hyottoko 2 (7:09)
2. Yukue Shirazu (29:51)
3. Hyottoko 3 (10:38)
4. Naadam (7:53)
5. Ee Janai Ka (7:12)

Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Daisuke Fuwa: bass
Hiroaki Katayama: tenor saxophone
Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi: baritone and soprano saxophones, harmonica
Keiko Komori: alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Yoichiro Kita: trumpet
Daisuke Takaoka: tuba
Aya Murodate: flute, vocal
Uchihashi Kazuhisa: guitar
Takeshi Shibuya: organ
Ayako Sasaki: keyboards, vocal
Masahiro Uemura: drums
Mari Sekine: percussion


Composed by Daisuke Fuwa (1-3); Eiichi Hayashi (4); and Izumi Kunihiro, Yoichiro Kita, and Daisuke Fuwa (5)
Recorded live by Atsushi Tanaka at Buddy, Ekoda, Tokyo, April 16, 2002
Produced by Teruto Soejima and Burkhard Hennen
Released in 2005

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