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Pat's most audacious work yet: a near-70-minute piece filled with everything we love and then some, even making ample use of his 42-string guitar. This album is dazzling, filled with complex arrangements, soothing interludes, stimulating grooves and truly never gets dull; it also never goes astray from the general theme of the album, with an ever-present aura about it, keeping in Metheny's traditional jazz sound that is still instantly recognizible and the recurring themes. Here we also have the introduction of a harmonicat. The harmonica parts are quite pleasent, and many will find this implimentation of jazz harmonica pretty fresh. All the players are spot on. It is very expressionistic and colorful. Metheny and Mays' cylinders were certainly all being fired with the writing and recording of this masterpiece. It may very well be what they've been trying to accomplish all these years, and if I'm not mitaken, their finest hour yet! Metheny's already got plenty to boast in his catalog, but none like this one.
Despite it's length, it really is a pleasant listen. The easiest a tough listen can be. It's just so relaxing and warm, you can't help but keep it going.
This disc has been in my car for over a year at this point, and it has not yet left once!
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Pat Metheny - The Way Up (2006)

1. The Way Up: Opening (5:17)
2. The Way Up: Part One (26:27)
3. The Way Up: Part Two (20:29)
4. The Way Up: Part Three (15:54)

- Pat Metheny / acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer guitar
- Lyle Mays / piano, keyboards
- Steve Rodby / bass, cello
- Chong Vu / trumpet, voice
- Gregoire Maret / harmonica
- Antonio Sanchez / drums
- Richard Bona / percussion, voice
- David Samuels / percussion

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