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Alamaailman Vasarat are back...and with power.
Of all the AV albums, this one takes the cake for heaviness. Maahan is a bit less folky and a bit more metal/avanty...which is not necessarily a bad thing.
However, one thing they do not dispose of is their energy. Even on songs that are slower and more avant- garde than rock, there is still a feeling the riverbed under the water moving, so to speak. This is perhaps one of my favorite things about The Hammers. They constantly change, to bring something new to he table while keeping everything under the Avant-Jazz- gypsy-RIO that they are now undeniable experts at.
As I've stated eariler, this is their heaviest work to date. Songs like Kyyhylly, Helmi Otsalla, and Huikeuden Lierio can move the earth when being blasted out of your speakers. However, there is a balance with quieter, more avant-garde styled songs (in a way that is similar to their debut album). These songs just to show that AV are no one trick pony, and have improved their song writing throughout the years. Elaimet Huutaa gives an almost dream like quality to the first part of the song before a more upbeat folky circus like theme. This song continues to contort its way through until it reaches an even bizarrer ending. Lumeen Nukkuneet follows in the endings haughting footsteps and sets an uncomfortable mood for the next five minutes. Its a brooding ride down into the depths of their underworld.
All in all, this is one hell of an album, and one of the best to come out of 2007. Needless to say, the musicianship is top notch, and I believe that their song writing ability has gotten better. Songs like the above show they are not afraid to add new things to the mix, while songs like Katkorapu and Kaarme Toi Ruton Kaupunkiin show that they still have the raw insanity from their previous albums. In this way, they are progressing from record to record, which make them one of the true progressive bands around now-a-days. While I don't enjoy this album as much as their second it is very exciting to listen to and provides an ever thrilling ride. There is also much to discover here, thus there is a lot to sustain on repeated listens. Recommended.
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Alamaailman Vasarat - Maahan (2007)

1. Maahan (0:58)
2. Kyyhylly (3:40)
3. Helmi otsalla (3:36)
4. Luiden valossa, naapurin talossa (3:40)
5. Huikeuden lieriö (3:53)
6. Eläimet huutaa (5:56)
7. Lumeen nukkuneet (5:29)
8. Katkorapu (4:24)
9. Käärme toi ruton kaupunkiin (3:24)
10. Rooman ruumiit (3:41)
11. Elukka (1:15)

- Jarno Sarkula / saxes, clarinets & other woodwinds
- Erno Haukkala / trombone, tuba, piccolo trombone
- Miikka Huttunen / pump organ, grand piano, keyboards
- Tuukka Helminen / cello
- Marko Manninen / cello
- Teemu Hänninen / drums, percussion

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  1. E-mile says:

    strange & nice: a real challenge!
    thank you for sharing, I only heard the 2009 Huuro Kolkko album.
    peace, E-mile