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Second full Jazz Q studio album is their top release. It's interesting to notice how fast jazz band, founded in mid-60s became free jazz/experimental band in late 60s and turned to bluesy jazz- rock in early 70-s.
If you ever heard Jazz Q split album with Blue Effect (where they are more free jazz part, balanced with bluesy jazz rock by Blue Effect ), you will be surprised from very first sounds of this album. First of all, band have female vocalist now ( Joan Duggan), and then they play totally different music there.
Joan's vocals are in the key of Nico, with similar timbres, just stronger. Music on this album is keyboards-dominated jazz rock, influenced by Brian Auger, with often jazzy drumming and great Frantiek Francl guitar solos over it. Music is very bluesy, far not so complex and experimental as on band's split debut.
Excellent jazzy musicianship in combination with light psychodelia of Joan's vocals and perfect guitar work bring this album on forefront of similar albums (in fact this release could be placed at the same level with best Auger/Driscoll releases).
Best album of one of the best Czech jazz fusion bands from early 70-s. Very recommended!
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Jazz Q - Symbiosis (1973)

1. From Dark to Light (6:05)
2. Lost Soul (6:05)
3. Starbird (7:25)
4. The Wizard (16:25)
5. Epilogue (3:25)

Backing Vocals - Jiř Rotter , Leek Semelka , Pavel Dydovič , Vladimr Mik
Bass - Vladimr Padrůněk
Clarinet - Jan Kubk
Congas - Jiř Tomek
Double Bass - Alexander Čihař
Drums - Michal Vrbovec
Electric Piano, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Leader - Martin Kratochvl
Guitar - Frantiek Francl
Lead Vocals - Joan Duggan
Trumpet - Radek Pobořil

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  1. Thank you very much Jazzlover, this is new to me. Should be a great listen.

  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds like this could be really interesting.
    thanks for taking the effort to share.