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Godzik Pink was a RIO/Avant-Prog band formed in 1996 in Los Angeles, California. The band consisted of Ara Shirinyan (guitar), Eric Kiersnowski (bass), Jonathan Silberman (tenor saxophone), and Nigel Lundemo (drums). Godzik Pink blended alternative rock, jazz and pop to create their complex and highly original sound. They released three EP albums before disbanding. This high energy band is recommended to fans of punk-prog aka pronk and avantjazz.
:::Review by Evolutionary Sleeper:::

Godzik Pink - Es Em, Ekel Em (2009)

1. Lifting for the Lord (2:55)
2. Fardray'n Akopf (1:29)
3. Several dogs (1:53)
4. Sonna Vonda Beech (2:03)
5. Es Em, Ekel Em (2:18)
6. Mourning Wood (2:50)
7. You're in the Jungle Baby (3:23)

- Ara Shirinyan / guitar
- Eric Kiersnowski / bass
- Jonathan Silberman / tenor saxophone
- Nigel Lundemo / drums

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