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Now try to imagine a combination of KING CRIMSON ("Beat-era") with Middle Eastern, Arabic and Indian music and you will not be far off describing the music of AZIGZA. This is total cerebral music complete with unique and killer ethnic percussion and ethereal strings . Musically this band combine a diverse set of world instruments with guitar, bass and electric violin. The end result is something you have definitely not heard before but am sure will simply love from start to finish. "Kriya" is essentially 6 ragas of instrumental beauty, each contrasting with an explosion of progressive rock and world genres and manage to explore unique ground in both texture and theme. For those looking for something very original, very professional and very tasty please pick this album up... amazing music.
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Azigza – Kriya (2003)

1. Bembe - Ogun — 6:04
2. Bembe - Medicine — 3:02
3. Bembe - Wheel of Bembe — 4:57
4. Yaman — 9:32
5. Agadir - Orphans of Agadir — 3:28
6. Agadir - The Wall — 3:02
7. Agadir - The Reminder — 2:52
8. Amalgam — 5:31
9. A Bulgarian Suite — 7:40
10. Shiva Calling — 8:42
11. X — 12:46

Stephan Junca - djembe, djun-djun, ganza, gankoqui, drums, gong, chimes, udu, rainstick, def, tom, shakers, zils, spring drum, tar, Tibetan bells, congas, bongos, block, questionable antics, spontaneous tirade
Aryeh Frankfurter - 12-string electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric and acoustic violins, harp, flute, cello, viola, cittern
Kevin Evans - electric and acoustic guitars, soundscapes, slide guitar synth
Pierce McDowell - fretted and fretless bass, sitar, tamboura

Rasaki Aladokoun - talking drums, vocals
MC Rai - vocals
Sonja Draculich - vocals
Cyoakha Grace - vocals
Paulo Baldi - tablas, congas
Linton Hale - bansuri

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