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Dance Of The Flames marked the end of an era for Guru Guru with the departure of highly experimental guitarist Ax Grenich. He was replaced by ex- Eiliff guitarist Persian born Houshang Nejadepour who injected eastern sensibilities into Guru Guru just as he did with Eiliff with whom he also played the sitar.
This Guru Guru LP was much more fluid and expressive than previous drugged out musical concoctions. At times this album can sound like a Mahavishnu Orchestra recording from 72-73 but without the violin and keyboards. On At The Juncture Between Light and Dark/God's Endless Love For Men this is very much in evidence but Nejadepours assimulations of eastern techniques are much softer than Mclaughlin's harder and raunchier interpretations. Day Of Timestop is an eye watering demonstration of Nejadepour's light speed electric guitar riffing which is nothing short of dazzling. Drummer Mani Neumaier who would study with master Indian drummer Paramashivam Pillai in the 1980's plays wonderful slashing drums throughout as well as other percussion instruments supported by solid bass work by Hans Hartman who's playing here is reminicient of John Wetton with the 73-74 incarnation of King Crimson. The only "trippy" track on the album is the deranged "Dagobert Duck's 100th Birthday" which also features quirky vocals by Neumaier. The Girl From Hirschorn is perhaps the least complex track but Nejadepour's emotive and dynamic soloing make this the closest Guru Guru ever came to playing a love song. The other tracks, Dance Of The Flames, Rallulli and Samba Das Rosas have latino tinges and are placed appropriately in the center of this well balanced album.
Although the Guru Guru line-up on this album didn't last more than one year, Dance Of The Flames is by far the most intricate and complex album of them all.
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Guru Guru - Dance Of The Flames (1974)

1. Dagobert Duck's 100Th Birthday (7:39)
2. The Girl From Hirschhorn (8:33)
3. The Day of Timestop (5:22)
4. Dance of the Flames (3:28)
5. Samba das Rosas (4:05)
6. Rallulli (4:35)
7. At the Junkture of light and Dark (3:12)
8. God's Endless Love foe Men (7:24)

- Hans Hartmann / bass
- Houschang Nejadepour / guitar
- Mani Neumeier / drums, keyboards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to add a short postscript to the review. This is certainly the most satisfying Guru's album, indeed,there are times when the guitar work has the feel of Peter Green on his 'End Of The Game'
    This is to be understood as praise of the highest order. Enjoy.