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The German band Tortilla Flat, named after a famous John Steinbeck novel, released their only record "Für ein ¾ Stündchen" as a, now highly sought-after, private pressing in 1974. The mainly instrumental record presents a Canterbury influenced jazz-rock reminding Dutch bands Supersister and to a lesser extent Focus and the German band Tomorrow's Gift with a strong accent on e-piano and flute. Apart from the musical influence the band showed also some typical Canterbury tongue in cheek humour with the title "Für Ein ¾ Stündchen", pointing in a humerous way to the average length of a vinyl record, the gothic lettered schoolbook cover and some short funny vocal elements.
The record is recommended for Canterbury and jazz-rock fans
:::Review by Martin Horst:::

Tortilla Flat - Für ein ¾ Stündchen (1974)

1.Tortilla Flat (9:59)
2.Temperamente (5:53)
3.Fati Morgani (3:55)
4.Rumpelstiltzchen (4:59)
5.Leere, Chaos, Schöpfung (10:15)
6.Obit, Anus, Obitanus (4:32)
7.Möhre (8:27)

-Hermann Josef Bosten/ flute, guitar
-Manfred Herten/ guitar
-Franz Brandt/ Keyboards
-Heribert Schippers/ bass
-Hans Friedrich Bosten/ drums, glockenspiel
-Albert Schippers/ percussion

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  1. sIRwa2 says:

    What a wonderfull album!