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Splatterpink were a Bolognese jazzcore quartet and this is (obviously?) their third album . The music contained is some of the most fiery in the whole genre, even compared to foreign bands. Coarse funk-blues shards, based on crunching, Primus-like basslines and tarry baritone sax bursts. Throaty vocals, often delving in growl and expressionist roars, cynical, crude lyrics and frantic odd-meter tempo shifts are other core elements of Splatterpink's arsonist formula. A scorching, reckless record which bears some resemblances to Anatrofobia, Zu and even King Crimson at times, but with an even more jolting attitude.
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Splatterpink - Industrie Jazzcore (1995)

1. Treno di pensieri (consequenziali) 4:31
2. Status 5:11
3. Soffocare il topo nella sabbia 5:25
4. Pericolo! 4:34
5. Alex 4:10
6. Dio Squalo 6:02
7. Bestie di cuoio 4:18
8. Teste parlanti 4:19
9. Io? 1:19

Bass - Diego D'Agata
Drums - Leonardo Saracino
Flute - Alessandro Meroli
Guitar - Federico Bernardi
Percussion - Leonardo Saracino
Saxophone - Alessandro Meroli
Voice - Alessandro Meroli , Diego D'Agata
Written By - Metello Orsini (tracks: 8) , Splatterpink (tracks: 1 to 9)

Recorded on 16 analog tracks at PEDALE BAROQUE, Bologna.
Mixed at NEW SUBCAVE, Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna.
Digital Editing at LOST LEGION SONIC LAB.

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    Rich, skronky goodness. Thanks muchly.