I intended to cut a record with pop music played by jazz musicians. It was done easy, and it should be listened to easy as well; it may come through one ear and flow away through another. And if, incidentally, it brings the listener some pleasure - we may say that is mission is filled.
Wojciech Karolak (1974)

Wojciech (Wojtek) Karolak (born on 28 May 1939 in Warsaw, Poland, where he still lives today) is a notable Hammond B-3 organ player who refers to himself as“an American jazz and rhythm and blues musician, born by mistake in Middle Europe”. He has also played saxophone and piano professionally.
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Wojciech Karolak - Easy! (1974)

1. A Day In The City 5:28
2. (DACP 796) Endless Transit 4:17
3. Instant Groove 7:09
4. Strzez Sie Szczezui (Jan Wroblewski) 3:58
5. Easy 5:57
6. Why Not Samba 4:16
7. Seven Shades of Blue 4:04
8. Goodbye 6:27

Wojciech Karolak (Hammond Organ and Fender Piano)
Zbigniew Namysłowski (Alto Saxophone)
Janusz Muniak (Tenor Saxophone)
Tomasz Szukalski (Tenor Saxophone)
Włodzimierz Kurpinski (Baritone Saxophone)
Tomasz Stańko (Trumpet)
Józef Debek (Trumpet)
Tadeusz Sosztak (Trumpet)
Andrzej Piela (Trombone)
Stanisław Cieślak (Trombone)
Jan Jarczyk (Trombone)
Pawel Dabrowski (Fender Bass) - 7,8
Czesław Bartkowski (Drums)
Wojciech Kowalewski (Percussion)
Ewa Wanat (Vocals)
Waldemar Parzynski (Vocals)
Janusz Mych (Vocals)

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