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Adam Makowicz made a strong impression when he first came to the U.S. and at the time, he was often compared to Art Tatum. Although his technique is nearly on Tatum's level, Makowicz has long had his own style, mixing together different aspects of jazz, ranging from swing to hard bop. He started playing jazz in the late '50s and with Tomasz Stanko formed one of the first European free jazz groups, the Jazz Darings. He led his own groups in Warsaw from 1965 on and in 1970 played electric piano in Michal Urbaniak's band. Makowicz also worked with Urszula Dudziak and recorded several albums in Poland before coming to the United States in 1977. Although the initial publicity (when he was championed by John Hammond) has long since died down, Makowicz has, if anything, continued to improve as a pianist. He has recorded many records as a leader for such labels as Columbia, Stash, Choice, Sheffield Lab, Novus, and Concord.

Recorded in 1973 while Makowicz was a member of the Michal Urbaniak Constellation, this beautiful album is a daring vista to record in an intimate setting of keyboards and drums only. The other member of the duo is also a Constellation member, the veteran Polish drummer Czeslaw Bartkowski. All the music is original and Makowicz really shines on his Fender piano, similar to the parallel efforts by Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. This memorable album gets better with time!
Polish Jazz Vol. 35

During the past several years of my career as a jazz pianist, I've had a steady and direct contact with my listeners at concerts and clubs. Their reaction, emotions and appreciation mean everything to me and give me a great satisfaction. They also give me the drive to search and create something new. The result of this search is an LP made with Czeslaw Bartkowski. A Definite drawback in making this record was the absence of the audience. I had to imagine them and the club atmosphere so the music would be authentic and spontaneous, alive and very personal. If, and to what extent I have succeeded - my listeners will decide.
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Adam Makowicz - Unit (1973)

1. Piesn z dolin / Song from the valleys (A.Makowicz)
2. Piesn wojenna / War song (A.Makowicz)
3. Piesn ze wzgórz / Song from the hills (A.Makowicz)
4. Piesn pijacka / Drinking song (A.Makowicz)
5. Piesn religijna / Sacred song (A.Makowicz)
6. Seven for five (W.Karolak)
7. Propozycja / Suggestion (Cz.Bartkowski)
8. Blues (A.Makowicz, Cz.Bartkowski)
9. Nie jest zle / It\’s not bad (K.Komeda)
10. Cherokee (Ray Noble)

Adam Makowicz - Fender piano, Fender bass & piano
Czesław Bartkowski - drums & percussion

Recorded March 1973, at Polskie Nagrania Studio, Warsaw, Poland

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