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There is absolutely no one playing tenor (or any other saxophone) coming close to making the kind of music created by Charles Gayle. While it's reminiscent of Albert Ayler's energetic, twisting 1960s free dates, Gayle's saxophone acrobatics and stamina are astonishing. This two-song CD was recorded live and features one number that runs 23 minutes; it's the short tune. "Jesus Christ and Scripture," the second piece, proceeds for over 50 minutes, much of that featuring Gayle's honks, bleats, turnarounds, moans, and anguished cries on tenor. After listening closely to this disc, its lack of repetition and gimmickry is commendable. It's certainly not for all (or even most tastes), but those who listen fairly and intently to Charles Gayle will be rewarded.
:::Review by Ron Wynn:::

Charles Gayle - Repent (1992)

1. Repent 23:4
2. Jesus Christ And Scripture 50:35

Bass - F. Vattel Cherry (tracks: 2) , Hilliard Greene (tracks: 1)
Drums - David Pleasant
Tenor Saxophone, Artwork By [Inside Art] - Charles Gayle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw Gayle playing in Derby a couple of years ago, he was very good... thanks for this!