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Ben’s self-titled debut is a classic example of 70s British jazz-rock, beautifully executed. Here are lengthy multi-part suites, excellent musicianship and an overall very appealing early 70′s, very jazzy progressive rock sound with lots of flute, sax, keyboards and guitar.
The group’s harmonic blend of jazz and progressive rock and the considerable talent of each musician takes the listener on an inspired and vivid journey.  
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Ben - Ben (1971)

01. The Influence 10:08
a) The Wooing Of The Child
b) The Innocence Of The Child
c) The Interest Of The Youth
d) The Involvement Of The Man
e) The Realization
f) The Wooing Of The Child
g) The Conclusion
02. Gibbon 9:32
03. Christmas Execution 7:21
04. Gismo 11:50

- Peter Davey / sax, flute, clarinet
- Alex McCleery / harpsicord, electric piano, mini moog
- Gerry Reid / guitar
- Len Surtess / bass
- Dave Sheen / drums

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  1. jef says:

    Love this one!

    Any chance of a re-post of Collin Walcott's 'Cloud Dance' and Stan Getz 'Focus'?

    Thanks! Your site is one of my top 5 faves on the web.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey thanks for the latest greatest post. thanks to you i am a great deal more informed about the progressive rock and jazz scene in Europe which has been my favorite music since hearing Soft Machine and King Crimson back in high school. now i know just how extensive the scene was and still is. thanks again!

  1. jazzlover says:

    jef, I will definitely re-post all albums that got missing after this 'megauplad riot' that affectet a great deal of other host sites.