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Posted: Monday, 19 March 2012 by jazzlover in Etykiety:

Wow! AltrOck Productions just can't miss! Yugen, Ciccada, SKE, Kurai, and now Camembert! Music is alive and well, people! And with great production all around! Refreshing, mesmerizing and, in the case of Schnörgl Attahk, humorous and upbeat. Horns, harps and tuned percussion all jamming with and off of one another! This is one group I want to see live! Haven't been back to Strasbourg since 1979 but, who knows? Maybe in the next couple of years?!
The transitional songs ("Clacos Zéro," Clacos 1" et "Clacos 2") are excellent (and often quite funny!) but the big monsters [e.g. "Untung Untungen" (10/10), "El ruotuav ed sraM" (10/10), et "Le meurtrier volant" (9/10)] are incroyable! I listen to "Untung" and "ruotuav" (Vulture from Mars) over and over and find my body and spirit reacting quite the same way I did upon first hearing MAGMA's MDK a few years ago: avec une danse joyeuse, sauvage et frénétique! It is wonderful! The pause at the halfway mark in "Untung" is so startling and such a letdown, yet it's so exciting when the music returns and builds and builds, jelling and spiraling its way in perfect collaboration up and then down to a stop--it's just like a rollercoaster ride! And one can just feel the morose Poe-like tension of "Le meurtrier."
Unfortunately, the 5-part suite which ends the album, entitled "La danse du Chameau" (7/10) doesn't succeed in conveying or evoking this same response. (Plodding like the camel for which it is named, the perfect harmony of "The Vulture of Mars" and "Le meurtrier volant" seems long past.) In the vein of its inspirateur, GONG, the band puts forth some jazzy jams, but, also like GONG, IMHO, the jamming seems a bit pointless--or ecstatic and masturbatory--depending on one's psycho-neuro-chemical state. For some reason, the band seems to have mostly abandoned the wonderful collective weaves of the amazing first 30 minutes of the album. Too bad. That was quite a ride! 4.5 stars rated up for its sheer freshness, enjoyability, and perfect sound production of its compositions.
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Camembert - Schnorgl Attahk (2011)

1. Infinicheese (1:35)
2. Clacos Zero (0:35)
3.Untung Untungan (11:13)
4. Clacos 1 : Notre Mere ? Tous (1:58)
5. El Ruotuav Ed Sram (8:16)
6. Clacos 2 : Die Experimente Von Dr Frankenschnoergl (0:48)
7. Le Meurtrier Volant (9:01)
8. La Danse du Chameau - Batifolade (Part1) (5:29)
9. Soif! (Part2) (1:17)
10. La Tempete De Sable (Part3) (4:51)
11. Reveries Lubriques (Part 4) (1:09)
12. The Final Run (Part5) (5:01)

Fabrice Toussaint - trombone; percussion
Bernard Eber - trumpet; voices
Pierre Wawzyniak - bass
Philemon Walter - drums
Guillaume Gravelin - harp
Vincent Sexauer - el. guitar
Julien Traveletti - bass trombone (3, 5, 7, 8)
Francesco Zago - ac. guitar (3, 4)

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  1. gregg says:

    This is really really nice... imagine if Zappa had been from Canterbury, I think we all get the idea.... Thanks for opening my eyes and ears to this little jewel.

  1. thank you!!!!!!!!!!