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Guitarist John Abercrombie was one of the stars of ECM in its early days. His playing on this trio set with bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette is really beyond any simple categorization. Abercrombie's improvisations are sophisticated yet, because his sound is rockish and sometimes quite intense (particularly on the nearly 11-minute "Sorcery 1"), there is really no stylistic name for the music. Holland contributed four of the six originals while DeJohnette brought in the other two (one of which was co-written with Abercrombie). The interplay between the three musicians is quite impressive although listeners might find some of the music to be quite unsettling. It takes several listens for one to digest all that is going on, but it is worth the struggle.
:::Review by Scott Yanow:::

John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette - Gateway (1975)

1. Back - Woods Song 7:51
2. Waiting 2:10
3. May Dance 11:01
4. Unshielded Desire 4:49
5. Jamala 4:47
6. Sorcery I 10:56

Bass – Dave Holland
Drums – Jack DeJohnette
Guitar – John Abercrombie

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