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"We have known Zbigniew Namysłowski so far as a musician of a small ensemble. Indeed his groups had not for years exceeded the size of a quintet, and lately he has even been playing in a quartet. On this record, however, Namyslowski, by writing his pieces for quartet and orchestra, has created for himself and his remarkable colleagues a vast and colourful tonę background. The idea itself is not new; some major jazz and rock groups have been doing such recordings already. What's new in Namyslowski's approach is, I think the way he is treating here the orchestra. It is no longer restricted to play sweeping chords as merely a harmonic background. Being at once arranger and composer he has assigned the symphonic players an exacting task by writing for them the rhythmic patterns typical of contemporary jazz. And one must admit that they fulfil that task for the most part satisfactorily, thereby giving this recording an unusual expression and a refreshing quality of novelty. Julian Cannonball Adderley said on one occasion that Zbigniew Namyslowski was one of the greatest jazz musicians he had ever known. This recording, with its features of genius, made by Namyslowski on the twentieth anniversary of his activities, does confirm this opinion a hundred per cent."
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Zbigniew Namysłowski (1977)

01. Pod dobrą godziną (At the Auspicious Hour)
02. Gdy zakwitnie miesiąc maj  (When May Is in  Flower)
03. Mango-boogie
04. Jasmine Flavoured
05. Upływ czasu (The Passage of Time)
06. Przejażdżka na UFO (Flight on an UFO)

Zbigniew Namysłowski Quartet:

Zbigniew Namysłowski  — alto saxophone,
Sławomir  Kulpowicz  —  piano,
Paweł Jarzębski  -  bass,
Janusz  Stefański  —  drums
Marek  Bliziński  —  guitar,
Józef Gawrych  —  percussion,
Wiesław  Kowalewski  —  percussion.

Orchestra conducted  by Zbigniew  Namysłowski.

Muza SX 1493

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  1. jazzlover says:

    I want to appologise to all you guys, visiting and commenting my recent posts. Somehow, (it is a google new look trickery thing) it escaped my notice that comment section has been moved into different place.
    Shame on me!
    On the other hand I got so happy re-discovering, that I still have a strong group of visitors, who always leave a comment.
    Thanks for that!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great !!!! Great Musician !!! i´m looking along this years about your music... this album i didn´t listen yet... but the link is not working.. try again it says....

    Guy, do you know a ZN album wich has a song "Der schmalz tango" ?? bass, fender rhodes, alto and drums....beautiful quartet...
    I apologize if you get this one.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i gottit...the link is good !!!! thx

  1. Lovely album. Is this a new rip? I'm looking for a few others he made around this time
    e.g. "Live In Der Balver Hohle" (1978), "" (1978), and "Jasmin Lady" (1978) ... would you have those as well?

    In response to 'Anonymous', are you referring to "Jazz Jamboree 75 Vol. 2"?

    Cpt. Beyond

  1. boogieman says:

    Thanks for this album. I discovered Polish Jazz only a few years ago thanks to bloggers like you. Superb music.


  1. steve.d says:

    Super post Jazzlover,that mango boogie is so infectious,really well arranged by Namyslowski throughout.