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The album Overdrive, initially released in 1972 on Tempo Records, is an absolute exception for German jazz music and is even not very well-known in confirmed rare groove circles.
The mastermind and initiator behind THE BRIDGE was keyboarder KRISTIAN SCHULTZE, who created an unique style with his blend of spacy sounds, kicking a Fender Rhodes through a ring modulator. SCHULTZE was born in 1945. He studied composition and piano at Berlin Music University and at Graz Jazz Academy. During these years SCHULTZE met JOE NAY, who many friends of jazz music rate as the best German drummer ever. Nay died in a car accident in 1991.  In the late 60s both met again in Munich and used to jam the legendary jazz club "Domicile". There they met the Polish bass player Pawel Jarzebski and along with him they formed THE BRIDGE. The trio played many gigs in the major German jazz clubs, eventually supported by OLAF KUBLER on sax and DUSKO GOYKOVICH on trumpet.
KUBLER is an important figure in the German jazz scene; Krautrock fans know him as the Amon Duul producer.
GOYKOVICH, whom Dizzy Gillespie described as a "hell of a trumpet player", is already a cult figure. He has performed with the bulk of famous jazz musicians.
In 1972 the trio recorded just one album.
Different influences are melting into rare fusion, bridging the gap between jazz, e-music and pop. All of Schultze's compositions are denying any rigid classification. His smooth was to play keyboards leads to an undreamt-of tension when meeting with the rough and tough electronic sounds of his fender piano and synthesizer. Nay and Jarzebski add their straight rhythm and the result is a brilliant, funky permutation of jazz.
This re-issue contains two additional tracks with sax and trumpet that were previously unreleased. The line-up for this album is simply called KRISTIAN SCHULTZE SET.
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The Bridge – Overdrive (1972)

1. phrase-overdrive
2. ambivalens
3. dinghi
4. alles klar alles klar (absolution)
5. start (echo-drum suite)
6. stupsi
7. recreation
8. don't count it
9. relation
10. puls
11. phrase-overdrive (add. edit)

Kristian Schultze - Fender piano, synth
Pawel Jazerbski - bass
Joe Nay - drums
Dusko Goykovich - trumpet
Olaf Kübler - tenor sax/flute

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