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Arti+Mestieri's debut album titled "Tilt" was Italy's answer to the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Layer on top of an album full of high energy and high creative explosions the masterful drumming of Furio Chirico and you have a recipe for great success. With varing styles and major tempo and mood swing this band unleash a truely wonderful album that will light the ital-prog veins in you! I should also mention that there is a good dose of Mellotron work here too. The addition of Saxes, piano, and vibraphone also give this album a stong polarity into the jazz genre. The violin wok of this album (Giovanni Vigliar) reminds me very much of Jean Luc Ponty and when combined with the band in full sounds truely majestic. Strongly recommend this album to all fans of Fusion and Ital-prog genres.
:::Review by loserboy :::

Arti E Mestieri - Tilt - Immagini Per Un Orecchio (1974)

1. Gravità 9,81 (4:05)
2. Strips (4:39)
3. Corrosione (1:37)
4. Positivo / Negativo (3:29)
5. In Cammino (5:36)
6. Scacco Matto (0:52)
7. Farenheit (1:15)
8. Articolazioni (13:24)
9. Tilt (2:29)

- Furio Chirico / drums and percussion
- Beppe Crovella / acoustic and electric pianos, synths, mellotron, Hammond organ
- Marco Gallesi / bass
- Gigi Venegoni / guitar, synthetizers
- Giovanni Vigliar / violin, vocals, percussions
- Arturo Vitale / soprano and baritone saxes, clarinets, vibraphone

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