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This, second album from John Zorn's Electric Masada project, was recorded during two concerts in Ljubljana and Moscow somewhere in the end of their European tour. All musicians are the same as on project's debut, and all they are great musicians!
Double set is quite long release, but you wouldn't be bored. Zorn's use there his best techniques - combines all possible and impossible music components in hot eclectic mix. What means if you don't like spacey electronic loops of Ikue Mori on the front of the sound, in very few moments they will be changed by hardcore Marc Ribot electric rocking guitars, and you will forget about them.
All concert long this scheme is used, and it works perfectly. Unpredictable changes of sound, genres and rhythms will keep your attention till the very end.
In all, this music is quite characteristic for Zorn mix of punk-jazz hardcore, klezmer world fusion, electronic avant and very melodic and easy accessible avant-pop, strongly flavoured by free jazz techniques.
Many times listened to Zorn's Masada series albums, I was attracted, but missed some electric sound and energy in acoustic hot klezmer/free jazz mix. And I got it there, in Electric Masada, where classic Masada's music is strongly mixed with Naked City's hard core energy and electric guitar sound, excellent electric keyboards passages, electronic noise of Hemophiliac and plenty of jazzy sounds from Bar Kokhba. And all the mix is prepared in very inspired, energetic live version, with enough space for long improvs.
As old fan of Zorn's music, I am often asked by newbies, how to find the right key to Zorn's music. The answer isn't easy, but possibly really good answer is - start from this album! Not because this work is Zorn's best ( I think it possibly isn't), but because there Zorn demonstrates in the best possible form almost everything he played for few decades. OK, there are not presented some his interesting series (as movies/soundtracks music, or neo-classical music), but you will find there his hardcore, free jazz, klezmer and free-jazz moments in their best.
If you are new to Zorn, and you want to have his only album, possibly this one is the best choice!
:::Review by snobb:::

Electric Masada - At The Mountains of Madness (2005)

CD 1
1. Lilin (16:14)
2. Metal Tov (5:35)
3. Karaim (16:15)
4. Hath-Arob (5:17)
5. Abidan (8:09)
6. Idalah-Abal (6:33)
7. Kedem (15:41)
8. Yatzar (6:05)

CD 2 
1. Tekufah (17:59)
2. Hath-Arob (6:55)
3. Abidan (9:59)
4. Metal Tov (5:52)
5. Karaim (15:15)
6. Idalah-Abal (6:08)
7. Kedem (14:47)

- Marc Ribot / guitars
- Joey Baron / drums
- Cyro Baptista / percussion
- Trevor Dunn / bass
- Ikue Mori / electronics
- Kenny Wollesen / drums
- Jamie Saft / keyboards
- John Zorn / alto saxophone

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