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After their Rache album (and a cancelling of their Spanish tour because of a track "Espana si, Franco no" on Rache) , Embryo will go in a frenzy recording three albums worth of music in 8 months time but their label (United Artistes) only released this one as the rest was deemed too uncommercial for release.
The sleeve artwork looks like a hippy playing with the Olympic flame (they are in Munich and in late spring 1972) and the group is now a keyboard-less quartet, which will alter the group's sound quite a bit. Most of the songs are still above 5-mins, but still retain a certain opening towards ethnic jazzy jams.
This third album is well in the line of their first two , ever diving deeper into eastern influences producing some of the earliest examples of fusion music (ethnic folk & jazz-prog) much worth the investigation as well as the investment. Forgotten Sea is particularly moving with its amazing bass and guitar interplay and The Sung Song (which is anything but) could almost fit on Santana's masterpiece CARAVANSERAI, recorded the same year.
The other two albums recorded simultaneously (don't quote me on whether they were working on the three albums at once, but I've read this one more than one occasion) are Steig Aus and Rocksession but were released much later. Steig Aus being even better than this one, but both are much worthy your investments.
:::Review by Sean Trane:::

Embryo - Father, Son And Holy Ghosts (1972)

1. The Special Trip (5:56)
2. Nightmares (0:58)
3. King Insano (4:48)
4. Free (6:19)
5. The Sun Song (8:48)
6. Marimbaroos (2:56)
7. Forgotten Sea (9:09)

- Christian Burchard / drums, vibes, percussion, marimbaphone, vocals
- Edgar Hofmann / violin, soprano saxophone
- David King / bass, flute, alto marimba, vocals
- Sigi Schwab / acoustic & electric guitars, veena, tarang

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