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It took me quite a while to locate this album on Spotify because it was listed under Gregory Allan FitzPatrick and not Samla Mammas Manna. This was of course not the first time that I've heard this charming record and I recall vividly listening to the LP many times during my teen years. But although I remember every track quite well the album doesn't convey a classical sense of nostalgia that I have for many of the other albums that I've listened to in those days. Don't get me wrong it's a very nice album with great playing all around, but I lack that little extra that only a Lars Hollmer & co record can supply me with.
Snorungarnas Symfoni has its distinct Samla Mammas Manna-sound but with a much more jazz-oriented flavor to it. In a way it might be considered the next logical step after Klossa Knapitatet that featured quite a few jazz-inspired compositions. It might not be the direction I would have preferred the band to undertake after the excellent Måltid but it was clear that the band had already reached their peak in the particular writing department and a change felt inevitable.
Still I would be lying if I said that this is anything less than an excellent addition to any prog rock music collection!
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Samla Mammas Manna - Snorungarnas Symfoni (1976)

1. Första satsen (11:46)
2. Andra satsen (5:39)
3. Tredje satsen (7:46)
4. Fjärde satsen (8:43)

- Coste Apetrea / acoustic & electric guitars, balalaika
- Hans Bruniusson / drums, percussion
- Kalle Eriksson / trumpet
- Lars Hollmer / keyboards
- Lars Krantz / bass
- Ärtan wallander / saxophone

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