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RAHMANN could be described as an Algerian version of MAGMA, without vocals, mixed with a some MAHAHVISHNU influences. The rhythm section in this band is absolutely powerful. If you can imagine layers of percussion instruments playing around some powerful drumming (almost like the Middle-Eastern version of the percussion work on a Fela Kuti album) you will have some idea of their concept of rhythm. Add to that, complex guitar riffing (sometimes on Fretless guitar), aggressive Zeuhl-bass, dissonant keyboards, and you have the ingredients for some powerful music. The CD contains 6 tracks from the original album, as well as a few bonus live recordings of the same tracks. This is a must for fans of AREA's Middle-Eastern/Greek influenced compositions.
:::Review by Steve Hegede:::

Rahmann - Rahmann (1977)

1. Atlanta (5:26)
2. Nadiamina (6:23)
3. Ab (8:00)
4. Danse sacrée (6:35)
5. Leila (9:38)
6. Marche funèbre (5:00)

Bonus tracks on cd release
7. Marche funèbre (5:04)
8. Danse sacrée (10:13)
9. Nadiamina (7:08)
10. Atlanta (4:51)

- Mahamad Hadi / synth-guitar, electric guitar, fretless guitar, oud, bouzouki, snitra
- Amar Mecharaf / drums, percussion
- Michel Rutigliano / acoustic piano, grand piano, ARP Odyssey
- Gérard Prevost / acoustic bass, fretless bass
- Louis-César Ewande / percussion
- Nadia Yamina Hadi / vocal
- Didier Lockwood/ violin
- Sylvain Marc / fretless bass
- Richard Gérard Kurdjian Guem / ney, tablas, darbouka
- Liza Deluxe / vocals
- Joël Loviconi / electric piano
- Ali Shaigan / violin

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