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Brown vs Brown was formed in 2004 by Dirk Bruinsma, Viljam Nybacka, Gerri Jaeger and Jeroen Kimman, who were then pretty much complete strangers to each other. In Amsterdam that is. Regardless of sizeable differences in musical background, the band's electrifying chemistry quickly made itself apparent. A love/hate relationship with jazz, a quirky alt-rock mindset, and the genuine need to create a new music that is coherent and personal, became their common ground in the hard-working years that followed. From this the self-proclaimed 'alleged Brown-sound' was born. It's denial of simple description has spawned poetic-licensed terms such as math-rock, stumble-funk, punk-jazz and what-not... a highly energetic & inventive music, which is tight but dirty, complex but oose, where amputated rhythms collide with spring-loaded melodies and surprise awaits around every corner. It's one of those tornado-shaped fresh breezes that pop up once in a while... Very much a collective, -all members bring in compositions- the band spends a lot of quality-time refining the arrangements and deepening their sound.
Brown vs Brown takes pride in its reputation as a powerhouse live-band, and feels as confident playing the consecrated ground of jazz-temples as well as the beer-soaked floors of ill-lit alt-rock clubs, leaving audiences flabbergasted. Numerous shows have been played in Holland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia and Slovenia over the last few years.
Recommended if you like: Henry Cow, Igor Stravinsky, John Zorn, Charles Ives, Ahleuchatistas, Zs, Milton Babbitt, Kayo Dot, Ruins, King Crimson.
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Brown Vs Brown - Intrusion of the Alledged Brown Sound (2006)

1. Illusive Glance (5:25)
2. Omnium (8:41)
3. Hillyrock (1:35)
4. Clock of the Years (6:20)
5. FFF (6:23)
6. Have a Bun (6:01)
7. Bloody Youthful (8:09)
8. Dike Burst (6:49)
9. Beasts with a Man's Face (7:52)
10. Bronson's Gardening (6:23)
11. SurFFF (1:40)

Viljam Nybacka-bass, vocals
Dirk Bruinsma-saxophone, vocals
Gerri Jager-drums, vocals
Jeroen Kimman-guitar, vocals

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