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There are two jazz rock albums of the 90's which I rate highly: 'Octave of The Holy Innocents' and the difficult to find 'Save The Robots' by Conrad Schrenk's Extravaganza.
'Octave' was recorded in the early 90's, when Hellborg was crossing and recrossing many music boundaries, in his musical experimentations and fortunately many ended up on record. Hellborg here is joined by the original Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, (by this time having had 15 years as an independent musician), and a young, then unknown, Buckethead (a connection no doubt made because of Hellborg's collaborations with Bill Laswell - e.g. check out Praxis).
What makes this a very special jazz rock album, is the unusual combinations of instruments: acoustic bass guitar (Hellborg) and acoustic guitar (Buckethead).
Both guitarists will pleasantly shock with their sheer speed of attack and complex playing - this is both an essential album for acoustic shredders and those who desire to know what one of the best acoustic bass guitarists in the world can do. And Michael Shrieve - always an individual drummer - his playing is a delight, complimenting Hellborg and Buckethead perfectly.
Hellborg wrote the following to describe the reasons for writing and recording this album, and the anger clearly expressed in the words with be heard clearly expessed in the playing:
"In a World of premeditated mass murder by governments, of rampant pedophilia, of values turned inside out by media tycoons in order to make money, of torture and unchecked genocide. Who is innocent? Who will protect the innocents? And who will stand up and face the grotesque explanations of why a 10-year-old girl walking to buy bread is shot in the back by a soldier, why parents molests their own children. How can a soldier who is somebody's brother rape.
Why can people be annihilated in the name of God the merciful.
Is it a consequence of these peoples evil? Are they aware that they are evil? Is their evil maybe only somebody's perception? Are they maybe just defending their own truth against somebody else's evil or truth. Who is pure? Who is innocent? We need to protect innocence. Not only individuals rights to be innocent but also innocence as a source of beauty, creativity and wisdom."
This is one of my rare 5 star albums.
:::Review by Dick Heath:::

Jonas Hellborg & Buckethead - Octave Of The Holy Innocents (1992)

1. Rana & Fara (15:00)
2. Death That Sleeps In Them (5:22)
3. The Past Is A Different Country, I Don't Live There Anymore (9:14)
4. Child King (5:47)
5. Kidogo (7:13)

- Jonas Hellborg / acoustic bass guitar
- Michael Shrieve / drums
- Buckethead / acoustic guitar

Releases information
The album artwork shown here, is in fact for the 2003 Bardo Records remix issue, which includes vocals (strictly chants) Jonas Hellborg omitted from the 1993 release (and 1992 recording). There in fact is confusion from what Hellborg writes about dates in the liner notes of 2003 remix issue, where he implies there is 14 years between the releases.

Hellborg also writes:

When looking over the tapes of these sessions I discovered tracks that I did not use the first time around. So there are no extra songs on this reissue, but a fundamental reworking of all the compositions of the first release. Some new light on this music that I did with 2 of my absolute favorite musicians.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like the original version, right? Good Stuff, though i always thought Hellborg places the drums too high up in the mix (and i'm a drummer--go figure!)

    Another great acoustic album from Hellborg is Zenhouse with Shawn Lane (and Jeff Sipe on minimal percussion--luckily non-distracting and low in the mix).

    My favorite Hellborg/Lane recording (with Jonas on acoustic bass guitar, that is) is 'Good People In Times Of Evil' with South Indian percussionist Selvaganesh. That album is pure genius!! Essential. --dandor

  1. carpo says:

    buen disco gracias