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As this band comes from Ireland, it's not a surprise that there are exceptional melodies on their songs, along with some Christian themes. The gentle amplified electric and bass guitars and drums reminds of the band's rock relations, but this isn't very psychedelic music in my opinion, as the songs are logical and don't have very stoned feeling in them. In the song "Heaven Heath" some harpsichord runs brings a slight baroque feeling to their music, but this isn't medieval folk neither.
The song "Sheep Season" reminded me the sounds on the "On The Shore" album by the TREES. There are also some slightly symphonic passages at the end of the song, where guitar, piano and flute do solos over the nicely pulsing rhythm section, and they let it to grow in wonderful heights. Sadly the climax remains unheard, as there is an annoying fadeout here, a solution which I never grow tired to hate. "Silver Song" is then a more bluesy tune, having truly unbelievable beautiful guitar and singing melodies! Stunning harmonies of two female singers are introduced here, which are the most notable feature of this record. These double vocals are also highly present on "Break Your Token", and on "Reverend Sisters" which is a pretty piano driven song. "Vile Excesses" has a nice dialogue with these voices, which unite in the verses, and the fast final song "Boulders On My Grave" has interesting wordless singing on it. There are also few faster slightly rockier tunes here, like "Buy Or Beware" and the strong "The Poet And The Witch", which emerges from a short soundscape of a sea.
I think that the songs on the beginning of the album are a bit better compositions, though the rest are no bad either. The sleigh ride from five star material from the more average three star songs make this a four stars album still in my opinion. Sadly my version didn't have the two bonus tracks, as they would have been interesting to hear.
If you wan't to hear more Irish proggy folk check out MUSHROOM's "Early One Morning", a fine album done in acid folk style.
:::Review by Eetu Pellonpää:::

Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs (1972)

1. Heaven Heath (3:00)
2. Sheep Season (5:01)
3. Silver Song (4:26)
4. The Poet And The Witch (2:51)
5. Messenger Birds (3:39)
6. Dan The Wing (2:45)
7. Reverend Sisters (4:21)
8. Break Your Token (2:27)
9. Buy Or Beware (3:05)
10. Vile Excesses (3:14)
11. Lonely Man (4:28)
12. Boulders On My Grave (3:40)


- Frank Boylan / bass
- William Murray / drums
- Clodagh Simonds / vocals, keyboards
- Alison Williams / lead vocals
- David Williams / guitar, vocals

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