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Four musicians, five instruments and countless inspirations from all over the world have brought about this quartet and their sound that is so hard to pin down to a genre. Is it avantgarde-jazz? Post-rock? Nu-jazz? Avant- pop? What you can be sure of is that with Jazzpospolita’s courage and conviction to push boundaries, whilst always respecting the traditions, they are always sure to head towards the unknown. Debuting in 2009, JAZZPOSPOLITA achieved great success in alternative music circles in Poland and toured extensively. They experienced a very positive reception to the release of their critically acclaimed EP, Almost Splendid, bringing about enviable comparisons to greats such as Cinematic Orchestra, Jaga Jazzist and Tortoise. Indeed, the opening track of the EP has been used on the brand new ‘Jazz Lounge Cinema 4’ compilation.

“Probably the finest polish nu-jazz stuff since Skalpel” – Michał Zagroba, PORCYS

“Surprisingly mature and of stunning composition - a figment of imagination" – Borys Dejnarowicz, PULP

“Difficult to categorize and compare to something, impossible to say: someone’s already played like that” – POLISZ MNIE
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Jazzpospolita - Almost Splendid (2010)

01. Laszló And Cousins
02. Fashion For Orient In The 70's
03. Oh!
04. Tribute To Aerobit
05. Polished Jazz
06. Insects
07. Looking Thru Ambient Breathing Thru Dub
08. Splendid
09. Sea,Panther,Shallow
10. Laszló And Sisters - Remix By Excessive Music Productions

Stefan Nowakowski - acoustic bass, bass guitar
Wojtek Oleksiak - drums
Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer - guitar
Michał Załęski - keyboards, synthetizers

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