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Don't be put off by the name. This is a high-energy album of fiery playing. An all-instrumental effort is what we have here from this California quartet's debut release. Five lengthy tracks, served up with some blistering guitar, sax and flute solos. While they "jam", they are in no way a "jam" band. There is a strong sense of melody present amongst all of the ripping. I'm hard pressed to say they sound like this or that, but if one were to make comparisons, one might say that they operate in the same area as Spaced Out sans the keyboards, although there is less of the fusion slant apparent. Maybe a less quirky version of Boud Deun, with sax and flute replacing the violin, would be a better starting point. I'm also reminded a little bit of later Kraan.
They kick the album off with a couple of stellar numbers, "Dragon Feed" and "Archemedes Tub". Both of these songs kick it into high gear right away showing that band has chops. The playing is tight and energetic all the way through both of these tracks.
They do take a breather here and there, like at the beginning of the third track "Oceania". Some nice rolling guitar and flute give way to a subtle intensity that builds up to a melodic guitar solo. The song finally breaks forth into mayhem and a nice guitar solo interspersed with sax flurries only to wind down into a nice percussive outro, featuring none other than Mr. Ambient himself, Steve Roach.
They close out the album with an 18-minute tune, "Path Of The Farwinds". This is another track that starts off with some nice guitar and flute interplay. Shades of Gong creep in with the addition of some glissando guitar work, though it soon breaks into the speedy breakneck pace that drives a lot of the album.
All in all, there is some great, tight playing, with enough variety to keep you interested for the duration of the disc's 60 or so minutes. I like it.
:::Review by Joe Fischer:::

Avant Garden - Maelstrom (2001)

1. Dragon Feed (10:03)
2. Archemedes Tub (9:14)
3. Oceania (12:32)
4. Into The Maelstrom (7:57)
5. Path Of The Farwind (18:25)

- Brian Gould / acoustic and electric guitars, e-bow, glissando
- Jason Kenney / drums and percussion
- Flamp Sorvari / Alto saxophone and flute
- Miles Gilster / bass

Guest artists
- Steve Roach / didgeridoo, spirit catcher, loops and percussion (3,5)
- J. D. Gardemeyer / percussion (3)
- Jesse Winn / percussion (3)
- Chris Dugan / percussion (3)

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  1. As I've said elsewhere, I really enjoy randomly clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom and seeing where they lead. Like here, for instance. Looks interesting. I'll check it out.

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