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Here is a fantastic and totally amazing album released by the 70s jazzy Krautrock band Dzyan. The music is very ambitious, unique and intense, combining a great diversity of genres from jazz rock, space/rock to world (eastern raga). This is ethnic jazz fusion at its very best, sometimes near to others German kraut/jazz formations as Embryo, but definitely freakier, drug inspired psychedelic music. Many tracks contain a delicate and a mystical oriental flavour combining sitar with prog passages, tremendous guitar base lines. All the compositions are perfectly executed, bringing enough convincing "weird" experimental effects and improvisations to reach the listener in a higher level of consciousness.
One of the most inventive release and a top krautrock band.
:::Review by philippe:::

Dzyan - Electric Silence (1975)

1. Back To Where We Come (8:57)
2. A Day In My Life (4:03)
3. The Road Not Taken (4:54)
4. Khali (4:55)
5. For Earthly Thinking (9:38)
6. Electric Silence (4:30)

- Peter Giger / drums, percussion
- Reinhard Karwatky / electric & double bass, superstring, Mellotrone, synthesizer
- Eddy Marron / guitars, sitar, Zaz, tambura, mellotrone, voice

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  1. E-mile says:

    only know their 1973 time machine,I'm curious about this one...
    thanks JL!