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Posted: Thursday, 5 May 2011 by jazzlover in Etykiety:

I've seen a real avant-jazz band in Japan playing flexibly.
What a tensive and unequivocal but enjoyable and relaxed play they could give to us! Now the more and more I listen to the live work, the stronger and stronger my impression and amazement can be. At first listen to it! The sharp saxophone sounds can tell us all about the album.
Their music style is basically jazzy, funky, freaky, and free-formed one, with complex and improvisatory rhythm and play. Really...really we should be fallen into their battles with a saxophone, guitars, and percussion - especially the rhythm section can make all sounds twisted and sharp-edged but strict and steady...have the key role I consider! Indeed there are lots of 'big waves' with alternative beats (so difficult for the outfit to play, harmonize strictly and steadily), but on the stage they could build the songs up freely, naturally. Wanna say, you can't believe this work be of some of their live performances, can you? I'm sure this recording condition should be quite good with heavy and clear instrumental sounds and, on the other hand their skill of playing should be beyond expression. Their intention and purpose - they should kick the core or medulla of avant-jazz rock deeply into our brain - can move and blow us away without any stop.
Although we may not have notice this be a live album without applause between some songs, let me say that the audience should be an invisible (inaudible?) instrument and also the audience could make the songs with the band together. Otherwise, I guess this tension must not be born here.
Yes, this brilliant masterpiece could be born from the ground of the earth, without any artifacts or artifices.
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Tipographica - The Man Who Does Not Nod (1995)

1. Naked lunch (GOGO Version)
2. Tipographica's worst date
3. King's Golden Toilet
4. MC500 MC-500 in a ZEN room
5. The turf have disordered gravity
6. The man who does not nod
7. A smell of gunpowder, and a flavor of she

- Tsuneo Imahori / guitar
- Naruyoshi Kikuchi / saxophone
- Osamu Matsumoto / trombone
- Akira Minakami / keyboards
- Hiroaki Mizutani / bass
- Akira Sotoyama / drums

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    I'm curious! I only know their 1996 god says I can't dance album [:-)
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    Seconded, this sounds quite promising. Many thanks in advance!

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