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As if Mr. Bungle and at least a half-dozen more other projects were not enough, avant-bassist Trevor Dunn now leads his own Trio Convulsant.
This group mixes moody jazz with convulsive rock. Also in the trio is guitarist Adam Levy (Dan Hicks, Tracy Chapman, the Hot Club of San Francisco, etc.) and drummer Kenny Wollesen. This is a good album for people who like King Crimson and free jazz, for this album lies at the meeting point of hard, progressive rock and tough, jazz experimentalism.
:::Review by Tom Schulte:::

Trevor Dunn - Debutantes And Centipedes (1998)

1. Perfumed With Crime Dunn 4:08
2. An Attempt at Jealousy Dunn 6:31
3. Ann-Margret Dunn 7:25
4. Equation of the Found Object Dunn 6:22
5. I Remember Freakies Cereal Dunn 8:09
6. Premonitions Dunn 4:02
7. Echidna Dunn 4:50
8. Veiled Dunn 9:45
9. Aroma Therapy Dunn, F 4:17

Bass - Trevor Dunn
Drumms - Kenny Wollesen
Guitar - Adam Levy

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