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“Vezhliviy Otkaz, which means “polite refusal” in English, is one of the most original and erratic rock bands in Russia. They have never gone for pop stardom or tried to establish themselves as an underground “cult” act. Around 1986, they did perform in ripped tuxedos and throw pieces of raw meat into the audience, but this was a passing, and nearly forgotten, stage in their career.”

“... the band is totally cool, intelligent and slightly enigmatic. They may be too strange to be embraced by rock masses, but everyone has full respect for the Refuseniks.”

“The band was formed in 1985 with a then-popular reggae/ska blend. Since then, they have gone through numerous stylistic changes, flirting with everything from free jazz to Russian folk. Their sound, however, has always been unique and immediately recognizable. Suslov’s rhythmic guitar work and unusual high-pitched vocals gives Polite Refusal’s music a precisely constructed, crystal-clear sound that is completely devoid of any of the extra noise so typical of rock-n-roll. The sound is so well organized that sounds almost academic.”

“In fact,” says Suslov, “we’ve always aimed at creating orchestral music, but guitars, piano and drums are the only instruments we have.”

“People usually label us as post-modernist, but we are not. All of our songs bear very little irony and are based on real-life experiences,”

Suslov says. "I’d rather call our work ‘naturalism’.”
:::Review by Artemy Troitsky, "Moscow Times":::

Вежливый отказ - Гуси-Лебеди (2010)

1. Марш 2:48
2. Дорожная 5:23
3. Мурка 4:48
4. Перевод 7:56
5. Страдания 3:33
6. Тикирика 4:42
7. Бурятская Морская 6:15
8. Блюз 5:54
9. Время 4:12
10. Lz 4:02
11. Этюд 3:44

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Mixed By – Роман Суслов
Bass, Contrabass, Vocals – Дмитрий Шумилов
Drums, Percussion – Михаил Митин
Piano, Flute, Violin, Vocals – Павел Карманов
Trumpet – Андрей Соловьев
Violin, Vocals – Сергей Рыженко

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  1. Pasha says:

    This album is great. Especially - song# 2.

  1. Anonymous says:

    de aquí para atrás llevo descargados los 4 y a cual mejor te estas portando...


  1. Anonymous says:

    Por cierto, creo que me baje este CD hace ya algun tiempo de progmundo ¿?
    pero con el nombre traducido¿?
    Me suena muchisimo la portada y
    la musica mas,,,
    pero el nombre.....
    Quiza este equivocado...