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Following the symphonic explorations of 1972's Skies of America, Ornette Coleman became fascinated with the music of Morocco. Dancing in Your Head is the chaotic result of that experimental period with the formation of Prime Time. "Theme From a Symphony" (Variation One and Two) is a 27-minute dervish whirlwind mixed with funk. This was the first opportunity listeners had to hear the two-guitar assault of Charles Ellerbee and Bern Nix. With its infectious danceable melody, Coleman fused these musics together in a unique unpredictable way that had not previously been attempted. "Midnight Sunrise" is a field recording with Ornette playing in Morocco alongside the Master Musicians of Jajouka during a religious ceremony. Music critic Robert Palmer, the first to expose Ornette to the music and culture of Morocco, plays clarinet. Unfortunately this fascinating piece clocks in at only 4:36, with an alternative take not on the original album, at 3:50 featuring Coleman and Palmer playing in an absolute frenzy. Dancing In Your Head sustained Ornette Coleman's role of controversial innovator.
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Ornette Coleman - Dancing In Your Head (1977)

1. Theme From A Symphony (Variation One) 15:37
2. Theme From A Symphony (Variation Two) 11:06
3. Midnight Sunrise 4:36
Clarinet - Robert Palmer

Bass - Rudy MacDaniel
Drums - Shannon Jackson
Guitar - Bern Nix , Charlie Ellerbee
Saxophone - Ornette Coleman

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