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Fermáta's debut album is certainly a masterpiece in its own rights, but for Griglak, this was not a first oeuvre as he had passed through Brastislava's Collegium Musicum and before that Prudy. The group is definitely the vehicle for the two frontmen, Griglak and keyboardist Tomas Berka, but by all means the rhythm section is never far behind as both bassist Anton Jaro and Peter Szapu are both excellent as well. A cool abstract music-related artwork graces the sleeve of this eponymous album.
Indeed this quartet plays a spotless jazz-rock that can be likened to Mahavishnu Orchestra, and when getting more symphonic (usually via Berka's synths) they can sound like Finch or Iceberg. The opening Romanian Rhapsody is a typical Fermáta track, that can round-up most of the group's characteristics, but then again, almost the same can be said of every track on this album. In this first album, it is difficult to tell which leader writes which track, as the writing is consistent and very even. While not exactly groundbreaking, it is a pleasant surprise to find such excellent progressive music not only existed (that was to be expected) on the other side of the iron curtain during the cold war, but that it was fairly well produced and recorded.
Although the 2-album-on-1 Cd doesn't hold the fifth track (Perpetuum III) of their debut album, you can safely jump on that release as this first album is at least as good as their sophomore effort, this particular release even getting an extra half star, making it 5 in all.
:::Review by Sean Trane:::

Fermáta - Fermáta (1975)

1. Rumunská rapsódia (5:52)
2. Perpetuum II (10:27)
3. Postavím si vodu na čaj (4:20)
4. Valčík pre krstnú mamu (7:03)
5. Perpetuum III (11:47)

- Tomás Berka / keyboards
- Frantisek Griglák / guitar
- Anton Jaro / bass, percussion
- Peter Szapu / drums, percussion

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to ride the amazing Jazz Europe Express - gems unknown to me and many hours of fun - thank you for your hard work here...again!