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Posted: Sunday, 12 December 2010 by jazzlover in Etykiety:

And their best so far... Not strictly fusion in the full sense. I do believe mostly of the album is indeed very well structured, but IMHO there are plenty of inprov and experimentation. Quite refreshing really! I personally after going 1 full spin, I am not tired and want more.
Bass line is a la Wetton/Levin, they do have a strong drum and sax players and for most of the longest tracks, is like combining some Zappa and Soft machine, jamming together. They however, have also a touch of Crimsonian personality (Mid-period?...) Not a rip off band by any extends of the imagination!!
So, maybe a combination of Fusion/RIO approach. There are solos for everybody, but not over killed, plenty of horn and sax and some of the best passages are driven by guitar (sometimes ala Fripp..). Released in 1999, but if somebody had asked me without knowing, I would have put them in the mid-late 70's, very impressive!! Specially considering where ther are originally from!
One of the best discoveries for me during this past year! This goes to show you, that no matter how much up to date in Progressive music you are, still there are gems to be revealed. Now, for new fans. this is aquired taste, so will need several spins to sink inn...; for progheads and alike, give KADA a try! You will not get disappoint.
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Kada - Kada (1999)

1. Chinvat I (0:22)
2. Chinvat II (7:03)
3. Gates (10:25)
4. Skin and mud (13:04)
5. Kada (11:34)
6. Seeker (10:15)


- Gergely Ballay / drums
- Attila Boros / bass
- Gergely Katona / trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone
- Gabor Kollmann / saxophone
- Gyozo Mogyoro / percussion
- Lazlo Valik / guitars

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