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VASIL HADZIMANOV BAND is a collective formed in 1997 in Belgrade, Serbia. The mastermind behind it is Vasil Hadzimanov - a Berclee scholar and a piano & keyboard player who fuses various aspects of Balkan folk music(s) and jazz fusion, with heavy emphasis on percussion and keyboard tapestries.
The band's permanent line-up is comprised of variety of renowned Serbian musicans of younger generation: Vlada Samardzić on electric bass, Srđan Johnny' Dunkić on drums, Bojan Ivković on various percussions as well as vocals and scat.
Aside from a quartet core of the collective, there's a number of guest musicans with whom VASIL HADZIMANOV BAND is collaborating frequently, such are Brankica Vasić, Teodosii Spasov, Antonio Kitanovski and Orhan Maslo.
Often cited as a Balkan-focused variant of Zawinul's music - such a tag is not untrue, but it's doing injustice the band's variety of styles and it's unique chemistry, which is developing it's own identification on the world's jazz fusion map: beside already mentioned Balkan music varieties and jazz fusion, the band is dabbing with electronics, swing, experimental musical forms, funk, soul, African music, rock, folk, country and improvisational & free jazz.
Their music is highly recommended, especially their live performances.
:::Review by Moris Mateljan:::

Vasil Hadzimanov Band – 3 (2007)

1. Sega Mu E Majkata 4:03
2. Cheick 6:49
3. Do Mooga 6:14
4. Veider's Report 4:26
5. Senija 7:03
6. Vrstan Bubnar 6:25
7. Virus 6:05
8. Zurkata 5:16
9. Ohrid Intro 2:57
10. Ohrid (Za Danijela) 4:42
11. Speak (& Destroy) 5:49
12. Briga O Zivotu (Za Svetomira) 8:36

Drums - Srdan Dunkić Johnny
Electric Bass - Vlada Samardzić
Electric Guitar [Guest] - Svebor Sakić
Percussion, Vocals - Bojan Ivković
Piano, Keyboards, Vocals - Vasil Hadzimanov
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Rosen Zahariev Roko

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