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Giedrius Kuprevicius, composer and Argo's founder, played carillon in his hometown of Kaunas from he was 13.Later graduated by Music Academy he became renowned composer and author of first Lithuanian rock-opera (1975). In late 70-s he became attracted with electronic music and founded Argo as "electronic music group".
"Sviesa" ("The Light") is band's second album. Even if title "electronic music band" is placed even on LP's cover, electronic sound is only part of common album's music. Such accent on "electronic" was understandable more as fashion of time.
In fact, Argo was quite classic band with guitar/bass/drums plus two synth/keys on board. Main attraction (for the time) was first domestic electronic organ "Vilnius-5" ( by the way produced on secret Soviet military electronics factory as "side-product"). Giedrius classic musical education is obvious in music - even if he combines it with strong jazzy influences. All the music is light, sunny ( in Northern Europe sunny summer's manner) melodic instrumental compositions (with some boy's chorus vocals in places). Plenty of electric organ/synth light spacey effects are more accessories, filling the space. Besides of keyboards, guitar/bass/drums trio plays relaxed, a bit dreamy progressive jazzy prog rock you can often find in Western European albums from early 70-s.
I think big advance of album's music is that electronic keyboards sound never overload true music of classic jazz-rock section. As a result listener hear rare balance between early progressive jazz-rock and electric organ/synth sound. Whenever all music is very melodic, easy accessible, all the album is pleasant , but never cheese.
Never re-released on CD, this album stays a collectors rarity for fans of early Eastern European prog.
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Argo - Sviesa (1981)

A1 The World Inside Me Is Awake 8:04
A2 Playing With The Sun 3:30
A3 The Day Is So Bright 7:38
B1 Awaking Of Our Senses 7:41
B2 The Ray's Tender Touch 9:32
B3 On Seeing The Light Of Life 2:08

Bass Guitar - Arturas Kuznecovas
Drums - Arunas Mikuckis
Guitar - Linas Peciura
Synthesizer - Giedrius Kuprevicius , Julius Vilnonis
Vocals - Boys' Chorus "Oakling" (tracks: A1, B3) , Gintaras Kizevicius (tracks: A2, A3, B2)

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