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"Dissipatin'" is Iordache's second album as a leader. A saxophonist an composer from Romania, Iordache goes for an all-out approach as a soloist, sometimes echoing Archie Shepp or Pharoah Sanders. His tunes range from jazz funk to ambient to free to (almost) straight jazz, with large amounts of distorted guitar and keyboards to subvert all this.
The opening track "Dissipatin" is based on a swinging groove. This is soon upset by a Thurston Moore-ish guitar solo by guitarist Nutescu, then comes a passion-filled excursion from Iordache and a more subdued conclusion by fellow sax man Cristian Soleanu.
"Tu n'as rien vu a Schaerbeck" is one of the two titles not composed by Iordache. It kicks off with more heavy distortion then dissolves into a drum-machine supported drum'n'bass groove with hysterical alto by Iordache and ethereal vocals by singer Marta Hristea on top.
"Fig Tree" is the kind of haunting ballad Sun Ra might have liked, with no solos per se, just a lot of slide guitar and evocative baritone statements. The lyrics sung by Marta Hristea's wonderful contralto also sound like the Ra, with profound statements about infinity and such deep stuff. 70's style synthesizers at the end finish this piece on an anguished note.
"Recycle" is built around a simple drum loop and a childlike ditty. More overdriven guitar, free saxophone and a nice dialogue between Hammond and guitar at the end.
"Time of Our Lives" is a lush ballad which features solos by Iordache and Soleanu and a nice arrangement. The waves plus seagulls sounds at the end bring to mind some similar experiments that Yusef Lateef made in the 70's.
"Gloomy Sunday" is treated with the suicidal desperation it deserves, both by tenor sax and guitar. The theme isn't stated at the end as expected, the tune ends suddenly with guitar noise.
"Up" is short, happy and is a continuous conversation between Iordache and Soleanu on something resembling  Coltrane-type changes which highlights their widely diverging styles: Iordache's alto is loud and goofy, Soleanu's tenor is a lot straighter but gives in at the end with some "out" phrases that could have been his partner's.
"You Know It's True" is groovy jazz funk, with a Scofield-like solo by guitarist Sorin Romanescu, Iordache's take-no-prisoners baritone and  sizzling keyboard (Moog?) work by Raul Kusak.
The whole album is quite eclectic and not saxophone-oriented at all. Although a imaginative soloist with a personal sound, Iordache tends to leave a lot of space to his bandmates. I personally would have enjoyed some more of himself. Still, I heartily recommend it.
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Iordache - Dissipatin' (2005)

1. Dissipatin' (feat. Vlaicu Golcea) 9:29
2. Tu n'as rien vu a schaerbeck (feat. Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu and Marta Hristea) 9:10
3. Fig Tree (feat. Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu and Marta Hristea) 8:27
4. Recycle (feat. Vlaicu Golcea) 8:22
5. Time of Our Lives 4:55
6. Gloomy Sunday (feat. Vlaicu Golcea) 4:22
7. Up (feat. Vlaicu Golcea) 2:38
8. You Know It's True (feat. Vlaicu Golcea and Sorin Romanescu) 8:12

Mihai Iordache - sax
Sorin Romanescu - guitar
Eugen Nutescu - guitar
Cristian Soleanu - sax
Raul Kusak - keyboards
Vlaicu Golcea bass, programming
Marta Hristea - voice
Vadim Tichisan - drums

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