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Posted: Thursday, 2 December 2010 by jazzlover in Etykiety:

First of all, do never listen to this album if you care for your mental state. I’m serious now. It can cause some major disorder within your head; it can turn you into some kind of trance-possessed freak; it may blow your mind easier than any other thing which lasts lesser than 45 minutes. I won’t dare to call this music because I’ve used to call music some other sounds not these ones! I won’t dare to treat these tracks as “songs”, because they’re not! It feels like all album was improvised, but it’s played so tightly despite some loose places (including long pauses within tracks with amplifier noises) that I won’t believe it’s improvised. Or maybe then IAMABOVEONTHELEFT is a some kind of octopus-like monster, playing two guitars and rhythm-section at once. You need examples? I doubt we have them, sir. Okay, let’s say MESHUGGAH plays CRIMSON’s “The Great Deceiver” boxset. No, wait, NIRVANA jams over early Stravinsky’s stuff. Ermm…maybe, it is THE MARS VOLTA has ridden of Cedric and their sax player and plays instrumental avant-death-metal?
Now check those videos on YouTube. Then rush on RAIG web-site and purchase your copy of IAMABOVEONTHELEFT (there are few dozens left as long as I know). The band is on a hiatus – mainly due to lack of attention – so it’s in your hands if they will go on. Make the future!!!
:::Review by Prog-jester:::

I Am Above On The Left - An A-Bomb To Wake Up (2006)

1. The elephants will never come back (5:54)
2. To swallow a wasp (3:09)
3. The korova milk bar (vomitorium) (2:45)
4. Mr. Father (6:08)
5. Ptichee moloko versus virus (4:05)
6. Z N E D O ( (5:34)
7. My kidney is in bloom (5:48)
8. Deaf in the morning (6:52)
9. Lucifer's hammer (how many distortions sleep within an a-bomb ?) (4:06

- Alexei Taroutz / guitar
- Sergei Ledovski / drums
- Artem Galkin / guitar
- Pavel Eremeev / bass

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  1. sIRwa2 says:

    is it me or is nummer 2 missing?

    Btw. This stuff is Real!! i absolutely love is!!

  1. jazzlover says:

    Upps! Looks like it is missing. Sorry Dude, but the source I took this album from is no longer active.


  1. chris_c says:

    thanks! can't wait to put this one on!